Restoration of Original Parts

A1792 Wheel II

This wheel was complete and original but not in a good state after having buried. It was decided to restore it to working condition using as many original parts as possible.

Entry side showing eroded ratchet ring and broken letter ring.

wheel dismantled. Note manufacturer code jla42.

Replacement ratchet ring partly milled from solid and finished.

ratchet ring replaced.

replacement brass locking sleeve and original.

letter ring fragments mounted on jig ready to machine off rusted steel notch ring, repaired letter ring.

Replacement notch ring and original, screws repositioned to reinforce breaks (authentic screw positions marked by holes).

core dismantled showing wiring. The wiring was correct for wheel II but no continuity could be measured due to corrosion.

Output side of core Note manufacturer code jla42

output side showing remanufactured thumbwheel and trial assembly of restored wheel

restored compared with original

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